Tokyo Gangsta Motor Biker heads off into the style of the new generation. Night is their time as they cruise the city on their custom-made ride, gripping the rhythm pulsating through their right hands. 750cc revs up the street music. The 21st Century Kamikaze Gear glides through the winds, with their lyrics and prides woven in a threaded chapter. Fire a blazin’, storms a risin’. Born on the furthest of the east, Tokyo Gangsta Motor Biker now rides over the ocean and into a new phrase. Breaking out of the customized motor biker style, crossing over with the graffiti and underground music scene, Suicommi Underground speeds through the breaking dawn.

S.U was formed by T.O.Y and OJA as an unit project in 2004 and made it’s debut with an exhibition at London’s select shop called THE PINEAL EYE. Expressing Japanese anarchism in our own style by using “Tokko-huku” (Authentic Japanese Motorbike Gangsta Gear) as the base, we have released many hi-end items. Our work soon caught an eye of fashionable Londoners and features in many fashion magazines in London, other European countries as well as Japanese. In addition to clothes, Our first collection included some furniture, objects and graffiti paintings, which were created by using some motorbike parts and they were exhibited at AP-ART Gallery in London. S.U now makes apparel clothes by order.